Busy weeks ahead!

This week, I hosted my Core Data workshop for try! Swift for a second time and it was great once again. The workshop went really well and it gave me a lot of confidence that the longer workshops that I have planned for the end of April are going to be great. A lot of the ideas I had and used in the try! Swift workshop will translate nicely into the longer format.

For the next few weeks I have more try! Swift workshops planned, next week’s Combine workshop is already sold out but we’ll announce an extra slot for it soon. So if you missed your chance to get a ticket for the Combine workshop, keep an eye on the try! Swift world Twitter account. We’re also looking at an extra Core Data workshop for try! Swift, so if you’re interested in that you’ll want to make sure you follow them on Twitter.

I’m also working on a talk for a meetup that’s targeted towards lead developers, and of course I’m working on my talk for Swift Heroes in April which I’m super stoked for!

And of course I’m still working hard on my blog posts about Swift’s Codable. Unfortunately it’s not moving as fast as I’d like but I’m making progress and I like where it’s going.

Hope to see you all soon at one of my workshops, or at Swift Heroes!



Practical Core Data

Practical Core Data helps you learn Apple's Core Data framework without requiring any prior knowledge. You'll learn how to integrate Core Data in UIKit and SwiftUI applications. The book also covers data modeling, synchronizing your store with a custom backend or CloudKit, profiling and improving performance in a Core Data app, and using Core Data in unit tests.

By the end of the book, you'll know exactly how you can start using Core Data in modern applications.

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Practical Combine

Practical Combine is a book that will help you learn Combine from scratch. You will learn about all aspects of Combine in a natural flow where you're eased into functional reactive programming with simple examples, and the difficulty gradually builds up to complicated integrations in later chapters.

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🎶 Currently on repeat 🎶

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I play guitar. I'm a huge music lover and want to share this with you. In this section I will share a new album that I've been enjoying a lot every week.

Beartooth - Devastation

I know this week’s recommendation isn’t for everybody. It’s loud. It’s fast. It’s heavy. And I love it. Beartooth has been high on my list of favorite artists for a while now and this new single they released today is an absolute banger.

Other content that I really want to share with you

The iPad has fantastic support for keyboard and mouse. It’s so good that the iPad can really feel like a full-blown laptop sometimes. Unfortunately, not all apps do a fantastic job of supporting the keyboard. This post from Daniel Jalkut (big fan of the Core Intuition podcast btw) does a great job of explaining key commands for the iPad.

An article by Daniel Jalkut

Have you ever needed to dig through crash logs in Xcode’s organizer? It’s not a great experience. However, with this tip from Brent Simmons, I think you’ll find that you can gain much more insight into your app and it’s crashes.

An article by Brent Simmons

I already mentioned this workshop in the introduction for this week’s newsletter. If you want to learn more about SwiftUI, Core Data, and how they work together, this workshop is for you. We’ll spend four hours on building a simple yet suprisingly complex app that has a lot of common features that you’ll find in apps that need persistence. You’ll learn about fetching, adding, and editing entries. We’ll also cover relationships, and even multiple managed object contexts. You’ll build several edit- and detail screens, and we’ll end up with a pretty complete album tracking app. Hope to see you there!